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- What All New Members Should Know -

EVAC members at our supply and equipment box at the airport.

As a new member, or a member in need of a refresher here are some things to consider and do in the event of an emergency.

  • Be prepared in advance!

  • In the event of emergency, Take Care of Yourself and Family First! When you have things at home covered then come prepared to assist EVAC.

  • Come prepared to act. Be wearing appropriate clothing, have any personal supplies you may need including medications, your cell phone, a hand-held radio if you are an operator, hat and sunglasses, and of course your ID card, etc.

  • Show up at the EVAC Container located at Santa Monica Fire Department Station Five. Access the container by using the key in he locked key box. In the event of a power failure, the gate may need to be unlocked and opened manually.

  • Setup the EVAC Base by opening the container and preparing the EVAC base. If you are first to arrive, you will need to open the container and set up the base.

  • Airfield Safety Santa Monica Airport is one of the busiest general aviation airports in the country. Always be aware of aircraft and propellers. Do not walk on or near any taxiway or the runway. If you need to move about the field please contact emergency personnel or a pilot.

  • Communications with EVAC and DCS is a structured process. Please review the communications plan for specific details. DCS volunteers will set up communications at the Fire Station adn Emergency Operations Center (EOC) and messages will be relayed to the EVAC base.

  • Delegate Tasks as other volunteers arrive. You should not have to do everything yourself. As more people arrive at the base, delegate tasks and positions based upon the specific needs of the mission.

  • In the event of extended missions, base staffing may need to be scheduled for future dates and times. The base commander will coordinate with available volunteers to create a schedule.

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